Marvel Star Cobie Smulders Had To Hide Her Pregnancy With Neat Tricks For $5,000,000 Payday In ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Female actors being pregnant is not a new thing. Even Gal Gadot was pregnant filming Wonder Woman. For all those times, directors and crew members have had to come up with neat tricks to hide their star’s pregnancy. One such instance was on the set of How I Met Your Mother during which Cobie Smulders was expecting her first child.

How I Met Your Mother creators had to come up with fun ways to hide their actor's pregnancy

How I Met Your Mother creators had to come up with fun ways to hide their actor’s pregnancy
During the filming, the creators of the hit comedy-drama How I Met Your Mother actually found fun ways to incorporate their pregnant star.

How Marvel Star Cobie Smulders Hid Her Pregnancy

Cobie Smulders was expecting during the shoot of fourth season

Cobie Smulders was expecting during the shoot of the fourth season
How I Met Your Mother is a humorous story of five friends, starring Marvel star Cobie Smulders as one of these five people. An impressive cast and Neil Patrick Harris’ ridiculous effortlessly-delivered jokes made the show a huge success. During the fourth season of the CBS comedy-drama, Cobie Smulders became pregnant unexpectedly. As the surprise started to wear off, the cast, crew, and writers started coming up with fun ways to hide her pregnancy or have fun with it.

For certain scenes, the actress could be seen carrying abnormally large handbags or props, which added more to the comedic element of the show. In some other scenes, Smulders can be seen dressed up in loose and airy clothing to hide her baby bump.

Furthermore, the Secret Invasion star had to take everyone’s clothes to the dry cleaners since she was pregnant during the warmer months,  to hide her pregnancy during the filming. While most studios might reprimand their actors for being pregnant during the filming, for Cobie Smulders, who took a whopping $5 million paycheck per season, it certainly was a very fun and exhilarating time.

Cobie Smulders Wasn’t The Only Pregnant Star On How I Met Your Mother

Cobie Smulders co-star Alyson Hannigan was pregnant too

Cobie Smulders’s co-star Alyson Hannigan was pregnant too
The fourth season of How I Met Your Mother remains one of the most unusual ones, as they had to spend a lot of time hiding not one but two pregnancies. The shows both female leads were expecting during the filming. Apart from Cobie Smulders, even Alyson Hannigan was pregnant.

As is characteristic, the show’s creator tried to incorporate various unusual props and methods to hide Hannigan’s pregnant belly. In one episode you can even spot Hannigan’s character competing in a hotdog eating contest, at the end of which she was shown with her pregnant belly, which worked well with the show’s meta-humor concept.

You can stream How I Met Your Mother on Disney+.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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