Rihanna herself got involved in the drama and firmly blamed Jay-Z, saying he was wrong to do this to Blue Ivy’s boyfriend.

Rihanna allegedly told jay-z he was wrong to have gotten blue ivy’s secret boyfriend arrested because he took blue ivy out clubbing.

Please continue to watch this video to find out more on this story.


The Book of Clarence co-stars Teyana Taylor and LaKeith Stanfield recently joined each other for Complex’s GOAT Talk, where they discussed who/what they deem greatest-of-all-time.

Kicking off the first episode of the year, they answered one of the most debatable questions regarding Jay-Z’s best song yet.

“It’s too many of those, yeah it’s a lot,” Taylor started as Stanfield chimed in, “I really like ‘Hard Knock Life.’”

Taylor added that she likes “Can’t Knock The Hustle” and “Song Cry,” to which brought on complete silence when the Atlanta actor said, “I haven’t heard either of those.”

“We going to talk after this,” Taylor warned.

Further in the segment, the actors debated the GOAT snack, to which Taylor chose “warm red velvet cake with ice cream on top” and Stanfield picked Veggie Straws.

The “Rose In Harlem” singer also chose her starring-film, A Thousand and One, as the GOAT 2023 movie, as Stanfield chose

Everything Everywhere All at Once. Additionally, the actors agreed on “Thou shall not kill” as the GOAT commandment.

When speaking of the GOAT dance move, Taylor hit “The Chicken Head,” as Stanfield busted out with “The Dougie.”

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