“This is immoral”: Marilyn Monroe’s AI Reincarnation Has Fans Crying Foul Over Legacy of the Late Hollywood Icon

Marilyn Monroe’s AI reincarnation sparks backlash, with fans questioning the impact on her iconic legacy.

People are buzzing about Marilyn Monroe’s AI comeback, and not everyone’s thrilled. Fans and critics are scratching their heads, wondering what this means for her legacy. Sure, tech’s done some cool things, but bringing back the 36-year-old using AI? That’s got some folks raising eyebrows about ethics and morals.

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe in The Prince and the Showgirl
Plus, this digital Monroe can supposedly read emotions and talk back. Folks worry it’s going to cheapen her whole vibe, and it might not be right to mess with her image like that.

AI Has Created a Marilyn Monroe Chatbot With Realistic Expressions

Alright, let’s break it down. So, there’s this new thing in AI that’s got everyone talking: a Marilyn Monroe chatbot. Yeah, you heard that right. Soul Machines, the tech company behind it, has brought back Monroe as a digital chatbot, and it’s seriously realistic.

This AI version of the late actress can chat with you in real time, just like she’s right there with you. It’s kind of mind-blowing, isn’t it?

But it’s not just small talk. You can ask her questions, and she’ll respond in that classic Monroe style. And get this, she can even pick up on your emotions and react accordingly. It’s all thanks to some fancy camera and microphone tech from Soul Machines.

Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits (credit: The Independent)
And don’t worry about the conversation getting dull. This Monroe chatbot can keep things flowing naturally, just like a real person. It adapts to your questions and interests on the spot, making each chat unique and personal. As per Variety, Soul Machine’s tech,
“Enables her to engage in natural, fluid dialogue, adapting to your questions and interests in real-time… Mimicking the human nervous system, this technology allows Digital Marilyn to respond with realistic emotions and nuanced expressions, creating a deeply personal and memorable experience.”
So, what’s next in the world of AI chatbots? Who knows! But one thing’s for sure, the future is looking pretty wild.

But not everyone’s thrilled about it. Some fans think it’s a bit much, and they’re not afraid to say so on social media.

Fans Aren’t Too Thrilled About Marilyn Monroe Coming Back As AI

Monroe was a big deal in Hollywood, the ultimate symbol of glamour and fame. She wasn’t just an actress; she was an icon. Her blonde bombshell persona changed the game in showbiz and even beyond.

Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe in the Bus Stop (credit: 20th Century Studios)
From funny movies to serious dramas, she did it all, leaving a mark that still shines today. But now, there’s this whole thing about her coming back as an AI.

And let’s just say, fans aren’t exactly thrilled. Some are even calling it downright wrong and saying (bkr),
“I believe this is immoral, should be illegal, and her image rights should be stripped from the giant corporation that owns and exploits it.”

Others also chimed in with the same emotions.



It’s like messing with a classic recipe, you never know if it’ll taste the same. For a lot of fans, it’s a hard pass on this one.


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