Will Smith Felt Disgusted While Kissing Ryan Gosling’s Wife After She Became Nervous to Kiss Him in $371M Movie

Many people harbor fantasies about making out with their favorite movie stars and assume that on-screen kissing is a dreamy and enjoyable experience for the actors. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Will Smith, one of Hollywood’s leading men, had a similar experience while kissing an actress for a film.

Will Smith, American actor

Will Smith, American actor

Kissing scenes can be uncomfortable for actors, and the reasons for this can vary. Sometimes the discomfort comes from having to kiss someone they don’t know very well or performing an intimate act in front of a crew of strangers. Other times, the actors may simply find the physical act of kissing on camera to be awkward or unappealing.

Was Bad Breath The Reason Behind The Awkward Kiss

Filming kissing scenes in movies can be uncomfortable for actors for several reasons, including the possibility of dealing with bad breath from their co-stars. Despite the Hollywood glamor associated with on-screen romances, some actors have struggled to kiss their co-stars due to unpleasant breath. While filming the comedy movie Hitch, Will Smith and Eva Mendes had to navigate through this awkward scenario.

Screenshot 2

A still from Hitch (2005)

Eva Mendes was anxious about filming a kissing scene with Will Smith. Mendes indulged in comfort foods like tuna fish loaded with onions and Doritos to calm her nerves, which did not sit well with Smith. In an effort to fix the issue, Mendes consumed a large amount of Altoids to freshen her breath. Smith was diplomatic when asked about the kissing scene, describing it as “absolutely wonderful” during an interview with Oprah. However, it’s safe to assume that this was after the Altoids incident.

Despite the initial discomfort, Mendes and Smith managed to pull off their on-screen kiss in Hitch. The movie made over $370 million and received critical acclaim, with some even considering it the best romantic comedy ever made. The two stars also shared a kiss at the film’s premiere, hopefully after Mendes had skipped her comfort foods.

Will Smith And Eva Mendes’ Chemistry Overshadowed The Kiss

The chemistry between Will Smith and Eva Mendes in Hitch is one of the main reasons why the film was so successful. Their natural rapport and on-screen connection added to the story’s charm and made audiences believe in the power of love and romance.

Screenshot 3

Will Smith and Eva Mendes in Hitch (2005)

Will Smith plays the role of Alex ‘Hitch’ Hitchens, a professional dating consultant who helps men win over the women of their dreams. Eva Mendes plays Sara Melas, a gossip columnist who is skeptical of love and relationships. When Sara meets Hitch, she initially resists his advice but eventually falls for him.

Throughout the film, the chemistry between Smith and Mendes is palpable. Their interactions are full of playful banter, flirtation, and genuine connection, making their on-screen romance feel authentic.

Hitch is available for rent and purchase on Amazon Instant Video and Google Play.

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